Sales Concepts

Thanks to our experience with a wide variety of sales concepts in the most diverse sectors, we can draw up the optimum sales concept for the respective target sector, from market entry to complete market establishment.

Online only

With many products it is nowadays possible, at least in the initial phase, to exclusively distribute online. We master the interaction of platforms, an own web shop and efficient online marketing.

Hybrid / Multichannel

Unfortunately, there is no universal solution for distribution. That is why a tailor-made solution, depending on the product and the form of the company, is the basic prerequisite for success. As we are at home in all forms of distribution, we will find the optimal and successful solution for you.

Advisory Expert

The B2B seller, who only worked as a messenger for catalogues and brochures, is DEAD! The B2B salesman, who sees himself as an advising salesman with real added value through competence, will continue to be needed for complex products or systems in the future. Of course, this depends on the product and the industry.

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